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Advanced Equine Dentistry

Helping prevent the premature attrition of your horse's teeth.

State-of-the-art Advanced Equine Veterinary Dentistry performed by Veterinarians, Dr. Trish Pugh, Dr. Wrenn, Dr. Calcutt, Dr. Samantha Maiorano, Dr. Sarah Tegtmeier, and Dr. Jamie Hogue of Red Star Veterinary Clinic. All have advanced training in Equine Dentistry & a passion for Equine Dentistry!

  • A licensed veterinarian sedates all horses
  • Equine Stocks for safe restraint
  • Full mouth oral examinations
  • Comprehensive Physical Examination
  • Personalized dental charts for each horse
  • Equilibration / Floats
    • Contouration of the ‘06s (Performance bit seats)
    • Incisor and Canine reductions when medically indicated
    • Wave mouth, hooks, and ramp corrections
    • Wolf Teeth Extractions with local anesthetic block
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